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Haas UMC-500 5-Axis VMC Wireless Probing Conveyor Belt Type


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CNC Control yes
# Axis 5
X-Axis Travel 24 inches
Y-Axis Travel 16 inches
Z-Axis Travel 16 inches
Spindle Nose to Platter 4 in. - 20 in.
Max. Cutting 650 IPM
Max. Thrust (Z) 4,050 IPM
Rapid Rate (X/Y/Z) 900 IPM
Max. Thrust (X/Y) 3,300 LBF
B-Axis Travel 120 Degrees to 35 Degrees
B-Axis Speed 50 Degrees/Sec
B-Axis Max. Torque 1,854 FT-LBF
B-Axis Brake Torque 900 FT-LBF
C-Axis Travel 360 Degrees
C-Axis Speed 50 Degrees/Sec
C-Axis Max. Torque 1,854 FT-LBF
C-Axis Brake Torque 900 FT-LBF
C-Axis Max. Part Swing 18 inches
Platter Diameter 15.70 in.
Tool Changer Capacity 30+1
Max. Tool Diameter 2.5 in. (FULL)
Max. Tool Diameter (Adjacent Empty) 5.0 in.
Max. Tool Length (From Gage Line) 12 in.
Tool to Tool (AVG) 2.8 S
Chip To Chip (AVG) 3.6 S
Number of Std T-Slots 5
Max. Rating 30.0 HP
Max. Speed 8,100 RPM
Max. Torque 90.0 FT-LBF @ 2,000 RPM
T-Slot Center Distance 2.48 in.
T-Slot Width 0.62 in. - 0.630 in.
Coolant Capacity 55 Gal.

Equipped With

Machine Equipped with 8100 RPM Spindle, 30+1 Tool ATC, Belt Type Chip Conveyor.

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