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What's My Trade In Worth?

What's My Trade In Worth?

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Do you need to generate income from your surplus machinery as fast as possible? We are always looking for quality machines to purchase for our resale inventory. We offer competitive pricing.

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Auction Listing

Are you able to warehouse your machine(s) at your facility until it is sold? We can get you the maximum return on your machine by allowing us to run an exclusive listing on our website, through bulk email to thousands of end-user manufacturing facilities, and listing your machine on our Ebay store.


Do you need to move your machine(s) out of your facility as soon as possible? We can store your machine at our warehouse rent-free until the machine is sold. This gives you all of the advantages that the exclusive listing provides, with the exception of a higher commission deducted at the time of the sale.



Do you have used machinery that you would like to sell, but aren't sure how much any of it is worth? ACT Machinery can turn your surplus and idle assets into cash quickly and painlessly. We offer three easy and affordable solutions for your machinery value needs. Please fill out the form below and tell us which option will work best for you and your business.

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